If You Wanna be Sedated*, Try The Woodlands!

A mere 34.4 miles from the steps of the Law Center sits Houston’s largest outdoor amphitheater.   While you won’t necessarily hear any spoken Greek, you can count on being entertained, should you elect to make the trip. Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion is one of several major concert venues located in and around the Houston area. Bringing in musical acts covering a wide variety of tastes, a law student, with a little time on their hands, could find themselves in The Woodlands for a much needed study break and still find plenty of time to prepare for class! Not only has the Pavilion brought in top tier acts like Frank Sinatra, CeeLo Green, Radiohead and Tim McGraw but they also play host, annually, to the Houston Symphony and Houston Ballet. In addition to some fantastic music, the amenities of Cynthia Woods greatly enhance the attendee’s experience. A few hills, the dense pine woods The Woodlands is known for, and a babbling waterway take the concert goer outside of the hustle and bustle of the Houston metropolis. While free parking is offered, make sure to bring your patience when navigating the many lots (pro tip: if you have a smart phone, drop a pin in your map where you park to find it with ease when you leave). Tickets are available for reserved, covered, seats or, if keen on the great outdoors, general admission is available on the amply spaced lawn (while blankets are not allowed, small, bath towel sized units are permitted in addition to the lawn chairs available for rental at $6.00). Whether it’s your first, second, or final semester at the Law Center, take some time to explore what the Houston area has to offer, before you go loco*! For a list of upcoming acts, visit http://www.woodlandscenter.org/events.html.


*Please note, the Ramones have not performed at Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion.

Classes, Professors, and Books…Oh My!

As the summer is winding down, I know some of you may be getting a little anxious about starting law school next month.  Never fear, your answers are here!  Over the next few weeks you can expect the following:

First and foremost, you do not need to register for classes.  Your classes are assigned to you by our Office of Student Services.  In early August you will receive an email from Student Services that includes your section assignment, class schedule and professors.  After receiving your class schedule, you will be able to purchase your books, review your syllabus and see your first day assignment by visiting http://www.law.uh.edu/schedule/Fall2014.asp.

Student Services will also provide you information regarding Orientation.  Orientation is mandatory and will be August 15-16.  Orientation will further familiarize you with the Law Center and provide information on the program policies.  If you are unable to attend, please contact the Office of Student Services at 713.743.2182.

 There is not much you need to be doing right now other than enjoying your summer!  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me on Facebook or via email – lpmensah@central.uh.edu.  I look forward to seeing you this fall!

UH Law Center Ranks #6 in U.S. News List of Law Schools where Salaries Most Outweigh Debt

UH Law Center Ranks #6 in U.S. News List of Law Schools where Salaries Most Outweigh Debt

Last week U.S. News published a list of law schools whose private practice salaries most outweighed graduates’ law school educational debt.  The University of Houston Law Center was ranked 6th on that list and had the lowest average indebtedness of the ten schools listed. 

The UH Law Center is proud to be recognized for its value to students, combining affordability with fantastic career opportunities.  We have kept tuition costs steady for the past several years in an effort to make law school affordable for more students.  Further, our Career Development staff works hard to increase visibility among law firms and other potential employers and provides extensive programing and individual counseling for our students.  To learn more about opportunities provided through the career office you can visit their webpage at http://www.law.uh.edu/career or read the CDO Weekly Digest at http://uhlccareer.blogspot.com/.  

Cougar Athletics and UHLC


Joining the newly minted American Athletic Conference in 2013, the University of Houston has established itself as THE athletic power house in the City if Houston. The on-field and academic success of the football team is merely the tip of the iceberg as the Cougars can brag about top conference finishes, national rankings and quality academics among the sports not starting with a “foot” and ending with a “ball.”

Students electing to attend football games this Fall not only have the opportunity to enjoy the newest iteration of Robertson Stadium (currently under construction, pictured above, and opening for the 2014 season) but also a renaissance in the University of Houston tailgating scene and the potential to find themselves in the midst of a national broadcast (all home games this Fall are slated for national broadcast). Just last year, Men’s Basketball played host to the eventual National Champions, the UConn Huskies. Unfortunately, the Cougars were poor hosts as the Huskies were unable to walk away with a win. The nationally ranked Cougar Women’s Tennis program received the programs third ever invitation to the NCAA Tennis Tournament. The list continues as the Cougar Athletic Program builds its impressive resume!

But, how is this important to the good students of UHLC? First, it provides a cost-free alternative environment for the inevitable study break. Per uhcougars.com (the university’s athletic site), “[a]ll UH Main Campus students are admitted FREE to regular season [enter sport here] home games. Each student must present a valid Cougar Card ID card for admission. Tickets are not issued; all student sections are general admission. Admission is first-come, first-serve and based on availability.*” Second, regardless of where you’ve come from, you now have the opportunity to expand your horizons and become a part of the Cougar family and immerse yourself in the campus environment!


A Brief Update

The second semester is quickly drawing to a close. I cannot believe how fast it went! My graded brief has been turned in, finals are just around the corner, and I have already registered for Summer and Fall classes!

The graded appellate brief is the big project in Lawyering Skills and Strategies during the Spring semester. Since LSS focuses on persuasive writing in the second semester, this is a natural choice for a graded assignment. It involves drafting a brief for an appellate court, and students are divided into those arguing for the appellant and those for the appellee. Because it is also the last major assignment you will submit it the class, you can bet that it will require all of the skills you have picked up in both the Fall and Spring semesters. One cool part of writing the brief is that all 1Ls participate in one mandatory round of oral arguments based off of their brief. For those of you who may be interested in advocacy, the mandatory rounds are a great introduction to the field. For those whose interests lie in areas other than advocacy, the experience still gives you great insight into the process of constructing a good oral argument, and because the mandatory rounds take place a good two weeks before the brief is due, participating in the competition helps you to stay on schedule when drafting the brief. Turning the brief in was an incredible relief, both because it is a major assignment for the semester and because of the amount of time it takes to write. As an added bonus, the LSS Department provided a fajita feast to the part time students directly after the deadline.

Returning to the oral arguments– students have the opportunity to continue on to further competitive rounds culminating in the John Black Finals, which be held tonight in Krost Hall beginning at 6:30 pm. Current and admitted students can mingle and enjoy pizza prior to the event starting at 5:30 pm.

My last LSS class occurred on Monday night. My experience with the class has been great, and I’m certainly sad to leave. While I won’t miss the stress of writing the graded assignments, my professor has really gone out of her way to make sure each of us learns legal research and finds a voice in legal writing. The practical writing assignments and the comprehensive feedback on them has been greatly beneficial. All in all, I feel this class has prepared me very well for the rest of my law school career and beyond.

Speaking of the rest of my law school career, I this week we registered for Summer and Fall classes. While part-time 1L students are limited to the two required classes in the summer (Criminal Law for the first half, and Statutory Interpretation and Regulation for the second half), we do get to choose all but one of our fall classes. (Constitutional Law is the last mandatory 1L class). I am so excited for my two fall electives, Administrative Law and Accounting and Finance for Lawyers. While the subject matter of both of these classes seems interesting and extremely practical, I am really excited because I actually got to choose my classes for the fall.

While the semester is nearly finished, exams haven’t happened yet so I’ve definitely got some studying to do.  I’ll be posting about those in my final post for the semester, so look for it soon.